Young people prepare for the Austerity Games! Including the ‘Property High Jump’

Young people and trade unionists from across the country are sending teams to Hackney Marshes to compete in the ‘Austerity Games’ in the week before the Olympics, planned to highlight the plight of young people, including housing, in the shadow of these expensive and corporate Olympic Games….
Events include: the Race to the Bottom, Job Jump, Property High Jump, Deficit Discus, Hardship Hurdles and more! Join the facebook event:!/events/371313746256129/
A staggering £24bn is expected to be spent on the Olympic Games, but young people face little enjoyment and no long term benefit from this costly outlay. Whilst the rich get ready for their costly few weeks of fun young people face a future of poverty and inequality with rising fees, the slashing of EMA, soaring rents, slave-labour Workfare schemes and sky-high unemployment. All to pay for a crisis created by the banks and big business. We are told that there isn’t the money to invest in jobs and education yet the bill for the Olympics continues to rise and there is a £750bn cash pile sitting in the banks of big business. They caused this crisis, but they refuse to invest into the futures of the next generation. We’re getting organised to demand that the fantastic facilities built for the Olympics, instead of being demolished or sold to the private sector, be used to provide genuinely affordable housing and used to benefit local communities.
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