Report of City Hall Lobby

Supporters of the Young Londoners – Forced Out campaign lobbied the first meeting of the newly elected London Assembly and Mayor today asking them to sign up to our 5 point programme for housing. 

After 30 minutes we were asked to move and told we couldn’t leaflet our democratically elected representatives by private security that is employed to police the scandalously privatised land that City Hall sits on. Jenny Jones the Green Party GLA member stepped in and took our letters  into the London Assembly on our behalf. Many workers at City Hall expressed sympathy with our campaign, in particular the soaring rents that are pushing many Londoners to the breadline.

Letter to the GLA:

Dear GLA member,

Young Londoners- Forced Out? is a campaign launched to take up the housing crisis faced by young people inLondon backed by the Unite Housing Workers Branch and PCS London. We are campaigning in universities and workplaces acrossLondon against the unsustainable Housing situation.

As newly elected members of the London Assembly we are asking if you will stand up against the soaring rents and low pay that mean many young low-paid and unemployed Londoners will be forced out of the capital and commit to supporting our ongoing campaign and backing our Five Point Programme:

Rents – Cap rents at an affordable level with councils to check on it. No eviction of people that fall into arrears – for the council to step in. For council run lettings agencies.

Olympics – Stop landlords forcing people out of their homes. After the Olympics the housing built should be turned into genuinely affordable council housing and the infrastructure should be used to benefit all including the low-paid and young.

Pay & Jobs – A living minimum wage for all – no lower youth rates. All housing and housing benefit cuts should be reversed. No age discrimation in benefit entitlement – young people don’t have lower rent and bills so we shouldn’t have lower benefits!

Building – Invest in a mass programme of building high quality council housing to create jobs and alleviate the housing crisis. Reopen & renovate empty properties into affordable accommodation.

How we could pay for it – Immediately stop the sell-off of council housing. Councils should offer to bring ‘Right to Buy’ properties that people can no longer afford back in house offering affordable rents. Banks must turn mortgages into affordable rents and offer cheap, no or low interest mortgages. If the banks refuse they should be fully nationalised with their resources used to meet social need.

For more information on our campaign see or to get in touch contact or 07716610893

Yours Sincerely,

Suzanne Beishon


Young Londoners – Forced Out?

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